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Hours (in 365 days) with at least one RBN spot: 2774 (7.6h / day). Hours spotted in EU: 2720, NA: 1996, AS: 1442, SA: 1277, AF: 538, OC: 1064. Rank: 24

BandActive hours
160m 533
80m 652
60m 2
40m 772
30m 23
20m 1133
17m 4
15m 540
12m 4
10m 276
Activity vs. Time (UTC) [hover mouse over bar to see band]

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Daily activity is measured by the number of active hour slots (24) times band slots (10, 160m - 10m incl. WARC and 60m) and the number of continents in which a skimmer spotted the station in the respective hour, for a maximum daily score of 24 * (10 + 6) = 384. When filtering by band, the continent information is omitted, because it's only saved once per slot, not per band.

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