FOC RBN, Windle Calculator and RBN Activity Statistics

This server provides services for members of the First Class CW Operators' Club (FOC) and the general public. It's maintained by Fabian, DJ5CW (FOC #1796) and is not an official web site of the club.

FOC Reverse Beacon Network Server

The FOC RBN Server provides spots from the Reverse Beacon Network which are filtered by FOC member callsigns. It can be accessed in different ways.


Connect to on port 7300.

Most logging programs have a telnet client built in but you can also use a standalone program like telnet.exe on Windows (how to install) or the free PuTTY telnet client.

Once you are connected, you can select which spots are shown:

These settings are remembered for your callsign, so on the next connect you'll not have to enter it again, regardless on which port you connect. Note that the old ports (7373, 7374) still work for backwards compatibility.

The command set/foc <callsign> adds a new call to the list of calls. Calls with portable extensions or additional prefixes are recognized automatically. sh/u lists all connected users.

Web Cluster

You can watch the spots in your web browser in different ways:

Clients online: 21 (telnet), 22 (web)


RBN Activity Statistics

Windle Score Calculator

To calculate your Windle Score, you can upload your ADIF or Cabrillo log file to the Windle Score Calculator.

New: Check out the new FOC Award Tools to calculate your scores for all FOC awards.

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